15,000 people, 15,000 telescopes; science hits the catwalk; and dissecting a five metre croc!

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My top picks for National Science Week’s big finale weekend.




And spilling over into next week…

And spilling over into next week…

  • Meet the woman who survived an ‘overdose’ of 50 homeopathic sleeping pills – Hindmarsh, SA
  • What’s the secret of places that spark creativity, innovation, art and science? – Carlton, VIC

Also on Sunday – how to make a healthy baby in the 21st century

The latest research is revealing the impact of poverty and prosperity; remote living and city living; thinness and obesity; and many other factors on fertility and reproduction.

Leading fertility and pregnancy experts will be speaking on their latest work at a free public symposium in Adelaide this Sunday 23 August.

Speakers available for interview before the forum.

Register or watch the live stream at www.srb.org.au/making-babies-in-the-21st-century. Contact Lydia on lydia@scienceinpublic.com.au for more information or to interview speakers.

And next Wednesday – riding with hydrogen, disarming superbugs, don’t eat that toad: finalists getting ready for the big night

The winners of the 2015 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes will be announced at an awards dinner at the Sydney Town Hall. There are finalists in every state, but they won’t know who has won until the night. You can read about the finalists here.

If you’d like to interview any of the finalists, contact me on niall@scienceinpublic.com.au or Errol on errol@scienceinpublic.com.au.

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Some 15,000 people will look through telescopes together tonight and smash the world records for stargazing – ACT with QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS

And Brad Tucker can tell you why they’re doing it.

stargazingThis Science Week is set to see over 15,000 Australians attempt to smash two Guinness World Records: Most People Stargazing at a Single Site (Canberra) and Most People Stargazing Across Multiple Sites in a Country.

Mt. Stromlo Observatory will be leading both attempts. Additional stargazing sites at schools, observatories and other venues will join Mt Stromlo for the multiple site record attempt at locations across the Eastern states, including Brisbane, Broken Hill, Ballarat, Balanglo, Oyster Bay, Sydney, Albury, Melbourne, and down to Huonville, Tasmania. Find sites on this map.

The Mt. Stromlo activities include talks at the nearby Manning Clark Theatre by a range of astronomers from Mt. Stromlo Observatory, including Profs. Brian Schmidt and Lisa Kewley.

Friday 21 August, 7pm Mt Stromlo event details; Event details

Media enquiries: Brad Tucker, brad@mso.anu.edu.au, 02 6125 6711 or 0433 905 777

Science meets dance meets Robotronica – Kelvin Grove, QLD

Arobotronicartists, practitioners, researchers and scientists from across Australia and the world will get their groove on in a mash up of science and dance.

The DANscienCE Festival explores what dance and science have in common, and celebrate the science behind the moving body.

DANscienCE will also join forces with Queensland University of Technology’s Robotronica festival to showcase some of the world’s most spectacular robotics and interactive design.

Friday 21 – Sunday 23 August  Event details

Festival website: http://www.danscience.com.au/

Media enquiries: Liz Lea, lea_dance@yahoo.co.uk or 0498 988 252

How good is your BS* detector? International guests Glow Girl and SciBabe – Hobart, TAS

scibabeInternational pseudoscience busters Glow Girl and SciBabe show us how to detect BS (Bad Science) and why this is so important.

Featuring microbiologist and renowned science communicator, Siouxsie Wiles from New Zealand and forensic scientist, blogger, and survivor of a overdose of homeopathic sleeping pills, Yvette d’Entremont from the USA.

Environmental campaigner, television presenter and science journalist, Tanya Ha, will MC.

Friday 21 August, 6pm Event details

‘Glow Girl’ Siouxsie Wiles, ‘SciBabe’ Yvette d’Entremont and Tanya Ha are available for interviews

Media enquiries: for Siouxsie and Yvette, contact Wayne Goninon, wayne.goninon@utas.edu.au or 0408 388 881; contact Tanya directly on tanya@scienceinpublic.com.au or 0404 083 863

My Research Rules: scientists fight about whose work is weirdest – Ultimo, NSW

It’s the science of big things (the universe) versus the science of really little things (DNA; nanotech) versus the science of living things (germs; humans), as eight experts argue that their discipline is the weirdest and most wonderful.

The Science Nation is holding a debate tournament that sees prominent researchers— Dr Matt Baker (bacteria), A/Prof Darren Curnoe (humans), Josien de Bie (medicine), Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith (the universe), A/Prof Adam Micolich (nanotechnology), Dr Peter Rohde (physics), Dr Ashley Waardenberg (DNA) and Dr Alice Williamson (chemistry)—competing to convince the audience that they do the weirdest, wackiest, craziest research in the world.

The event is 90 minutes of science and laughs, with extra rounds of improvised, audience-inspired topics.

Saturday 22 August Event details

Organiser and host Andrew Stephenson is available for interviews.

Contact: thesciencenation@gmail.com or 0421 400 688

Meet Venom Doc, the man who ‘milks’ deadly snakes for science – Queensland Museum, South Brisbane, QLD

Asnakere you into living dangerously? Venomologist Bryan Grieg Fry launches his new title Venom Doc, billed as “the edgiest, darkest and strangest natural history memoir ever”.

Professor Fry will give a brief synopsis of his memoir and be available to answer questions and sign copies of the book.

Saturday 22 August Event details

Professor Bryan Grieg Fry is available for interviews.

Contact: Bryan Grieg Fry on bgfry@uq.edu.au or 0400 193 182

Science, energy and engineering meets fashion on the catwalk – Melbourne, VIC

Scienccatwalke hits the catwalk with the Energized Fashion Runway. Featuring wearable technology in settings like fashion, communications, entertainment, medical and healthcare, and occupational health and safety.

Visitors can also explore the potential of wearable technology at a hands-on workshop that will demonstrate selected designs and let the general public experience the technology, like lighting an LED light in a piece of clothing.

Saturday 22 August Event details

Photo opportunities of high tech fashion on the runway

Enquiries: Ee Hui Lim, WIE.Victorian@IEEE.org or 0430 026 082

Stargazing with an oval full of telescopes – ScienceWorks in Spotswood, VIC

The Astronomy and Light Festival will be a showcase of the latest astronomy and light research, with talks by leading local researchers, hands-on demonstrations, an oval full of telescopes for stargazing, and planetarium and light room shows. It will bring together universities, amateur astronomy societies, professional optical and astronomy groups, Museum Victoria, schools, and industry groups.

Astrophysicist and Twitter star Dr Katie Mack; Physics, eco and science communication guru and all-round nice guy Dr Chris Lassig; and others will be giving talks at the festival.

Saturday 22 August, 5pm Event details

Katie Mack and Chris Lassig are available for media interviews.

Media enquiries: James Murray (Mount Burnett Observatory), jamesrhysmurray@gmail.com, 0409 703 929

What’s up croc? Five-metre crocodile dissection, live and online – Darwin, NT

Why hacrocs the crocodile survived as an apex predator for such a long time? Crocodile research can help find the answers.

Be witness to the live dissection of a 5m crocodile, as experts describe and explain the features of such an iconic creature.

Learn about our environment and this iconic reptile; as a team of experts, led by world renowned Biologist Dr. Grahame Webb, dissect a 5m crocodile and discuss the location and importance of its unique features.

The internet live stream will be online from 11.30am ACST (12 noon AEST).

Sunday 23 August Event details

Biologist and crocodile expert Grahame Webb is available for interviews. Contact: gwebb@wmi.com.au or 0429 953 857

Other media enquiries: Paul Lyons, paul.lyons@cdu.edu.au or 0447 728 186

Can science save humanity? – Acton, ACT

Human population growth collides with global warming and resource depletion. It sounds like the plot for a B-grade movie, but this is the situation we now face. We are sailing full speed through dangerous waters. The question is, what can we do about it?

Guest speakers: Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery; Clive Hamilton, author Earthmasters: Playing God with the Climate; Professor Will Steffen, Executive Director,  of ANU Climate Change Institute; Dr Stephen Bygrave, Director Beyond Zero Emissions; and Professor Hilary Bambrick, Chair of Population Health at UWS .

Sunday 23 August Event details

Media enquiries: Rod Taylor, tayloram2000@zoho.com or 0419 217 293

How to become an astronaut, build a time machine, and a crash course in carbon – Melbourne, VIC

  • Learnastro how to become an astronaut from Mars One candidate and comedian Josh Richards
  • Find out how to build a time machine from theoretical particle physicist and all-round nice guy Dr Chris Lassig
  • Learn all you need to know about carbon emissions from ClimateWorks Australia’s Eli Court

…and more classes in Laneway Learning’s Sunday Science Spectacular.

Sunday 23 August Event details

Potential Martian Josh Richards and the people’s physicist Chris Lassig are available for media interviews.

Contact Josh directly: josh.d.richards@gmail.com or 0481 303 457

Other media enquiries: Michael Patterson, melbourne@lanewaylearning.com or 0422 299 624

Meet the woman who survived an ‘overdose’ of 50 homeopathic sleeping pills – Hindmarsh, SA

And she did it just to prove they don’t work.

Prolific blogger and YouTube sensation SciBabe Yvette d’Entremont is dedicated to debunking pseudoscience. She is always looking at the alternative medicine and pseudoscience movements with a sceptical eye, using a combination of real science and humour.

Monday 24 August. Event details

‘SciBabe’ Yvette d’Entremont is available for media interviews

Contact: Rona Sakko, ronadel@dodo.com.au or 0419 827 723

What’s the secret of places that spark creativity, innovation, art and science? – Carlton, VIC

Why do some carltonplaces generate extraordinary outbursts of creativity, while others remain locked in routine? What was so special about Renaissance Florence, the Weimar of the Bauhaus, London during the birth of punk, or the Silicon Valley of the Homebrew computer club? What are the pitfalls of “orchestrated creativity”? What new kinds of creative, collaborative environment are emerging to challenge traditional institutions?

In this talk Michael John Gorman will explore sites of creativity, and consider the social embeddedness of creativity in science, technology, and the arts and design. Drawing on the experience of establishing Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin as a space for creative collisions between science and art, he will consider the challenges that face cities and institutions as we seek to nurture creativity in the 21st century.

International guest Michael John Gorman, CEO, Science Gallery International and Founding Director of Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin will be available for interviews on Tuesday 25 August

Tuesday 25 August Event details

Media enquiries: Nerissa Hannink, nhannink@unimelb.edu.au, 03 8344 8151 or 0430 588 055

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