The biggest questions in physics to be answered in Melbourne in July

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  • Where is the Higgs boson?
  • Is supersymmetry dead?
  • Do we need an even Larger Hadron Collider?
  • What is dark energy and the new cosmology?
  • And the latest on baryons, gluons, muons, kaons and other subatomic particles from the early universe.

The world’s high energy physics leaders meet in Melbourne in July to unveil the latest results in particle physics.

The 36th International Conference on High Energy Physics will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, from 4–11 July.

Since CERN announced tantalizing ‘hints’ of the Higgs boson from the ATLAS and CMS experiments, the global physics community has been anticipating a confirmation—or denial— of the existence of the particle first theorised in 1964. The Higgs boson could explain the origin of mass. It’s the last remaining piece of the Standard Model, the theory that explains the fundamental forces of nature.

We’ll see what they’ve found after two years of LHC experiments.

Melbourne will host physics leaders from around the world, including the directors of the major particle accelerators in Europe, America and Asia.

Director General of CERN, Professor Rolf Heuer says “ICHEP is the most important conference in the particle physics calendar, and it’s great that it’s happening in Australia for the first time – a sign of that country’s growing stature in the field.”

ICHEP is the preeminent particle physics conference. Held once every two years, this is its first visit to Australia.

Recent ICHEPs have been held in Paris (2010), Philadelphia (2008), Moscow (2006) and Beijing (2004). The first conference was held in Rochester, New York in 1950.

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