Current science stories


Free telescopes set school kids dancing with the STARS: Astronomers head to the country to spark student interest in what lies above.

Orbits of ancient stars prompt rethink on Milky Way evolution: Australian telescopes and European satellite combine to reveal unexpected motions among the Galaxy’s rarest objects

Playing detective on a galactic scale: huge new dataset will solve multiple Milky Way mysteries: Australian-led GALAH project releases chemical information for 600,000 stars.

Blinded by the light no more: simulations show NASA’s James Webb Telescope will reveal hidden galaxies

$2.5 million CSL Centenary Fellowships announced: Could Frizzled proteins lead to new cancer drugs? (Melbourne)
A new way to fight drug-resistant bacteria (Canberra)

Climate grief? Eco-anxiety? How do you feel about climate change? – Researchers want to know.

Designer crops, animals, babies? In Science, why plumbers and teachers should have a say on designer babies and genetically enhanced potatoes.

Elements of surprise: neutron stars contribute little, but something’s making gold, research finds – Colliding neutron stars were touted as the main source of some of the heaviest elements in the Periodic Table. Now, not so much …