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Young adults with old knees: preventing arthritis after ACL knee injuries – Half of people who have ACL knee surgery get arthritis by 40, but exercise therapy study by La Trobe researcher / ex-AFLW footballer shows we can keep people active.

Quantum computing in silicon hits 99 per cent accuracy – UNSW Sydney-led research paves the way for large silicon-based quantum processors for real-world manufacturing and application. Published in Nature this morning.

Building a silicon quantum computer chip atom by atom – A University of Melbourne led team have perfected a technique for embedding single atoms in a silicon wafer one-by-one.

Too much heavy metal stops stars producing – Stars are giant factories that produce most of the elements in the Universe, including the elements in us, and in the Earth’s metal deposits. But two papers from ASTRO 3D show that what stars produce changes over time.

Mystery of children’s ‘chalky teeth’ explained: a blood protein blocks hardening of enamel on teeth growing inside the jaw.

Australian and Chilean researchers solve a 100-year-old mystery and call for education and research to save millions of teeth worldwide.

Closing in on the first light in the Universe – Research using new antennas in the Australian hinterland has reduced background noise and brought us closer to finding a 13-billion-year-old signal

Food and housing crisis for Melbourne’s native bees – RMIT researchers call on Melburnians to plant the right plants and create the right homes for native pollinators.

Fishing for solutions to the plastic problem – A University of Adelaide study shows industry players are open to measures to reduce plastics in seafood – but first they have to understand the problem.