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Can a brain scanner fit into an ambulance? Innovative Adelaide-based manufacturer Micro-X has received funding to develop a game-changing portable brain scanner from the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund.

Vaccine comments from the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences

COVID-19 vaccines will protect individuals, families and communities: Expert health and medical science leaders welcome vaccine roll-out, but caution that the vaccines alone are not enough.

At cosmic noon, puffy galaxies make stars for longer: Galaxies with extended disks maintain productivity, research reveals.

The secrets of 3000 galaxies laid bare: Completion of Australian-led astronomy project sheds light on the evolution of the Universe.

Tackling cancers through mystery molecules and genetic fingerprints – Metcalf Prize winners announced.

Vaccines alone won’t keep Australia COVID-safe, review finds: Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences urges multi-pronged response for 2021

It’s time to find out what works for women in STEM: A Guide to Evaluating STEM Gender Equity Programs launched