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Indigenous health, shark gonads, blind books, and future food: it’s National Science Week!
This year’s festival runs 14 to 22 August with thousands of events around Australia.
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Free telescopes for Launceston, Exeter and Ulverstone schools, April 29 and 30
Sky-gazers visit the region to get kids dancing with the STARS
Three schools in Launceston, Exeter and Ulverstone will be visited by astronomers, who will present them with powerful telescopes and show eager students how to use them to unlock the secrets of the stars.

More than 60 years to achieve gender equity?
Modelling shows urgent need to revamp hiring and working conditions for astronomers
It will take until at least 2080 before women make up just one-third of Australia’s professional astronomers, an analysis published today in the journal Nature Astronomy reveals.

Can we guarantee supply of essential drugs in a global crisis?
Flow chemistry trial will test new way to make drugs locally and fast
Australia may soon be able to produce essential drugs – including anaesthetics and treatments for antibiotic resistant superbugs – rapidly and entirely onshore, ending the need to import them.

Can a brain scanner fit into an ambulance? Innovative Adelaide-based manufacturer Micro-X has received funding to develop a game-changing portable brain scanner from the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund.

Vaccine comments from the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences

COVID-19 vaccines will protect individuals, families and communities: Expert health and medical science leaders welcome vaccine roll-out, but caution that the vaccines alone are not enough.

At cosmic noon, puffy galaxies make stars for longer: Galaxies with extended disks maintain productivity, research reveals.

The secrets of 3000 galaxies laid bare: Completion of Australian-led astronomy project sheds light on the evolution of the Universe.

Tackling cancers through mystery molecules and genetic fingerprints – Metcalf Prize winners announced.