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IUPAP 7th Conference on Women in Physics (11 to 16 July 2021)
50+ countries, 300 physicists meet to address global shortage of women in physics.

Spacetime memories, stellar fossils & fast radio bursts: Aussie astronomers awarded
Astronomical Society of Australia honours stargazers at annual conference

Six Australian astronomers will be recognised by the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA), the country’s professional body for the field.

New type of massive explosion explains mystery star
‘Magneto-rotational hypernova’ soon after the Big Bang fuelled high levels of uranium, zinc in ancient stellar oddity
A massive explosion from a previously unknown source – 10 times more energetic than a supernova – could be the answer to a 13-billion-year-old Milky Way mystery.

Where does it hurt, Rover?
Adelaide invention revolutionises veterinary x-rays

Your best friend can’t tell you where it hurts but now, thanks to an invention by Adelaide company Micro-X, vets have a better tool to diagnose your pet’s health problems.

Milky Way not unusual, astronomers find
Detailed cross-section of another galaxy reveals surprising similarities to our home
The first detailed cross-section of a galaxy broadly similar to the Milky Way, published today, reveals that our galaxy evolved gradually, instead of being the result of a violent mash-up. The finding throws the origin story of our home into doubt.

Bend it like Einstein: Astronomers turn galaxies into magnifiers
New technique helps NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Astronomers have turned a cluster of galaxies into a gargantuan magnifying lens, using it to study another galaxy, 10.7 billion light years away, in unprecedented detail.