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‘I saw cancer cells just popping up at me’
Smart microscope slides detect cancer: invented at La Trobe, trialled at Peter Mac, made at ANFF, published in Nature.

A CT brain scanner in an aircraft or ambulance?
Saving lives after stroke with a small aircraft or ambulance-mounted CT brain scanner

One million Aussies affected by eating disorders
Launch of national research strategy

Rover ready for Australian Hospitals
ARTG listing for revolutionary lightweight x-ray machine

Sugar coating opens a path to longer lasting lithium sulfur batteries
Offering the potential to:

  • Drive an electric vehicle from Melbourne to Sydney on a single charge
  • Create lightweight batteries for drones and submarines
  • Unlock new avenues in aviation and maritime industries
  • Produce batteries in Australia with Australian lithium, without using cobalt and rare earth minerals.

Galaxies pump out contaminated exhausts
Research reveals how star-making pollutes the cosmos

Galaxies pollute the environment they exist in, researchers have found.