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From Rob Robinson, President of the Australian Institute of Physics

Welcome to my round-up of physics news and events for August and beyond.

First, a quick reminder: nominations for the Walter Boas medal and the AIP Award for Outstanding Service to Physics in Australia close today (Thursday 1 August). Details are below.

In mid-July, I was one of 18 Australian delegates to the 12th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference in Chiba, Japan.

AIP Vice-President Warrick Couch and I attended meetings of the Association of Asia-Pacific Physics Societies, and I was duly elected to a term on its council. I’m pleased to announce that we won our bid to hold the 13th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference in Brisbane in December 2016, in conjunction with the 2016 AIP Congress.  I’d like to thank the New Zealand Institute of Physics, University of Queensland, CSIRO and ANSTO for their support.

At the Chiba meeting, there were a number of talks by Nobel prizewinners, and a much stronger emphasis on particle, nuclear and accelerator physics than we might typically find in Australia.

Yet particle physics is very much the topic for the 2013 AIP Women in Physics lecturer, Elisabetta Barberio, whose research group was involved in last year’s discovery of the Higgs Boson. Elisabetta has now scheduled public talks in Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania this month as well as talks to school students.

To give you an idea of the effort our speakers put into their tours, Christian Langton has already travelled 5,900km in visiting six regional areas to talk to school groups as part of his 2103 AIP Queensland Youth Physics Tour. Christian has provided a report on his tour and what he is telling the students about a career in medical physics.

The AIP is also engaging with students in a number of other ways: the Victorian Branch has opened their 2013 physics photo and video competitions; the ACT Branch’s video competition is closing this month; and the Victorian Branch Education Committee is calling for presenters for the Victorian Physics Teachers Conference (for VCE teachers).

Physicists are also engaging with public audiences in other forums, with the Australian Astronomical Observatory’s Fred Watson speaking at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival this month, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki at the Brisbane Writers Festival in September, the UK’s Brian Cox talking physics to sell-out crowds across Australia, and many more public events in the AIP’s physics event calendar. If you are planning a physics event, please submit it to the AIP calendar, and we’ll list it in future bulletins.

And, of course, National Science Week is coming up – but there are far too many events to include here. I’ll send a special Science Week bulletin with more details of the many physics-related events registered on their website soon.

Finally, I have a request that I hope may be answered by some of the more senior AIP members: if you’ve collected AIP congress proceedings going back to 1974, would you perhaps be able to fill the gaps in our collection in the National Library? We have three volumes missing.

You’ll find details of all these below, plus books to review, a physics job at Scienceworks in Melbourne, more news, events and opportunities for colloboration and travel, and a comprehensive list of seminars and conferences.

Please note that replies to this email go to Science in Public, who send the bulletin out for me. You can contact me directly on, and there is a comprehensive list of contact details for the AIP at the end of the bulletin.



Rob Robinson

President, Australian Institute of Physics

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In this bulletin:

Australian Institute of Physics news and events


The Women in Physics lecture tour – Elisabetta Barberio, University of Melbourne

Elisabetta Barberio is speaking to students and the public as part of the AIP Women in Physics lecture tour, with a talk titled ‘Big Questions, Big Facilities: behind the discovery of mass’.

Her talks include:

Elisabetta will also present a series of lectures in schools in Tasmania on 20, 21 and 22 August. Further public lectures are also planned in the ACT and New South Wales in September. We’ll give you the details next month’s bulletin, or you can contact the organiser, Elizabeth Chelkowska, on

National Science Week, 10 – 18 August

Stay tuned for a special NSW bulletin with physics events in your state. In the meantime, you can get more info, and register any events you are running, at

AIP events


Einstein lecture at the Powerhouse Museum
Benjamin J. Eggleton: Photonics in the new information age – Faster, smaller and greener
Tuesday 17 September, 6.30pm
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

Pollock Memorial Joint Lecture with the Royal Society of NSW
Michelle Simmons: The Future of Computing – Manipulating Atoms
Wednesday 23 October, 6.00-8.30pm
Eastern Ave Auditorium, University of Sydney (TBC)

Physics in Industry Day
Thursday 7 November, from 8.30am
CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Lindfield

UNSW Student Experiment Symposium, with the winners of the AIP/UNSW High School Physics Experiment Competition 2013
Friday 15 November, 3pm
School of Physics, UNSW Kensington campus, and Australia-wide by teleconference
See below for details of the competition.

Martin Green: The physics of high-efficiency photovoltaic solar energy conversion
Tuesday 19 November, 2pm – NSW AIP Branch 2013 Postgraduate Awards, AGM, guest speaker and Annual Dinner, University of Sydney and Buon Gusto



Tools of Science, sponsored by the School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Queensland, and the Qld AIP Branch.
Martin Gellender: Fundamental limitations on heat engines – from the industrial revolution to the 25th century
Tuesday 13 August, venue to be determined.

 The Queensland Youth Physics Tour
Christian Langton, Professor of Medical Physics at Queensland University of Technology, is giving this year’s tour—a series of talks to year 10-12 students and science teachers across Queensland in July and August. Christian will be talking about how QUIC (quantitative ultrasound imaging and characterisation) is enhancing medical diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and cancer.
Talks are planned for:

Friday 30 August, 9am – Immanuel Lutheran College, Sunshine Coast
Friday 30 August, 2pm – Chancellor State College secondary campus, Sunshine Coast

Some extra talks may still be added to the itinerary. Contact Christian Langton on for more information.


AIP Vic Branch Education Committee meeting
Tuesday 13 August, 5pm – for teachers
Kew High School (non-members welcome) – contact the chair, Sue Grant for confirmation

Victorian Young Physicists’ Tournament, Quantum Victoria, Macleod West
Wednesday 4 – Thursday 5 December,
Year 10 and 11 students tackle team-based experimental challenges, and present their findings.
Check for details. Teams must register by the first day of term 4.


Elisabetta Barberio, the 2013 AIP Women in Physics lecturer, is giving two public lectures: in Launceston on Tuesday 20 August and in Hobart on Wednesday 21 August (as listed above under National events).


Short talks with long drinks wine and cheese
Wednesday 18 September (to be confirmed)

Postgraduate conference
Thursday 26–Friday 27 September (to be confirmed)

2013 AIP AGM, Dinner and Guest Speaker
Wednesday 20 November (to be confirmed)

Seeking AIP Congress proceedings to complete the archives

We are missing three volumes from our collection of AIP congress proceedings that is lodged at the National Library, and I hope that one of our members may have retained a copy that would complete our set. The volumes we seek are:

  • 1 Adelaide (May 1974)
  • 6 Brisbane (August 1984)
  • 9 Canberra (February 1990)

Please contact Stephen Collins ( if you have any of these, or know where a copy may be held.

This is QUIC! – the 2013 AIP Queensland Youth Physics Lecture Tour

Professor Christian Langton is part way through his Qld Youth Physics Lecture Tour, which has so far reached Hervey Bay, Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Cairns, Townville and Mt Isa. Christian has spoken to almost 500 students from over 15 schools, travelling 5,900km in the process.

His topic is QUIC, or quantitative ultrasound imaging and characterisation, which is used in medical diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and cancer.

Later in August Christian, from the Queensland Institute of Technology, will complete the Tour with talks on the Sunshine Coast and at QUT in Brisbane.

Christian says, “I was delighted and honoured to be invited to deliver the 2013 Queensland Youth Physics Lecture Tour designed to promote physics to senior high school students and science teachers. I strongly believe that university academics have a responsibility to share their passion for research and the tremendous enjoyment it provides; and to enthuse the current generation of school students who have the potential to become Australia’s future scientists and engineers.”

In his talk, Christian describes his journey in science—as a student, researcher and academic—and his move to Australia from the UK in 2008, which has gone as far as now following the Australian cricket team.

He reports on his talk: “I explained medical ultrasound by showing how an acoustic impedance mis-match at an air/tissue interface creates almost total reflection, simply demonstrated through use of water-based coupling gel. By taking along our portable scanner, I was able to demonstrate real-time ultrasound imaging of myself, as well as my lack of detailed anatomical knowledge! My description of how ultrasound is excellent at differentiating a fluid-filled cyst from a solid tumour, again primarily associated with acoustic impedances at tissue interfaces, took on a whole new significance when a student came up to me at the end of one of my lectures and explained, with tears in her eyes, how ultrasound had saved her life when she had an ovarian cyst.”

Following his descriptions of how his osteoporosis assessment techniques became used worldwide in detecting fracture risk in thoroughbred racehorses and new developments in scanning, Christian leaves his student audience with a few ‘Langton’s Philosophies’ including the importance of doing what you enjoy and grasping fortuitous opportunities.

Christian concludes, “Each Queensland Youth Physics Lecture Tour is only possible through the dedication of the local organisers, particularly the engagement teams at the ‘local’ universities. I also wish to thank the AIP, and in particular its Queensland Branch, for providing the financial support to facilitate the Lecture Tour”.

AIP medals and competitions

2013 AIP medals – nominations close 1 August

I also encourage you to consider nominating yourself, a student or a colleague, as appropriate, for one of the following AIP awards, which recognise research excellence and outstanding service to physics.

The following AIP medals and awards are closing on Thursday 1 August:

  • The Walter Boas Medal, which recognises excellence in research in physics in Australia (in the past five years) by an AIP member— nominations close 1 August 2013
  • The AIP Award for Outstanding Service to Physics in Australia—a Branch Committee, or three members of the AIP, may nominate an individual AIP member who has made an exceptional contribution to physics as a discipline by 1 August 2013

More info at or from Olivia Samardzic, Special Project Officer AIP, at or by phone on (08) 7389 5035.

And we’ve posted a summary of this year’s award recipients on our website at

The annual UNSW-AIP High School Physics Competition

Conduct a physics experiment to investigate a physical phenomenon of your choosing and report your findings at the UNSW Student Experiment Symposium on November 15th 2013.

Last year’s winners, a team from Gosford High School, looked at the physics of water being poured onto a flat surface. They found that the size of the resulting water ripples is determined by more than simple pressure forces.

You can download the full 2012 proceedings at

To enter this year’s competition, register your interest by 15 September, and submit your experiment by 5 October. All the details are at

Explain a physics AIP Vic Branch video and photo competitions

Each competition is open to students in Victorian schools, has a prize pool up to $1,000, and closes on the first day of term 4.

The challenges are:

Explain a physics concept in a 3-minute video—a competition for ACT students

The 2013 ‘Frame your Physics’ competition has been launched. ACT students (both school and university) are invited to show a physics topic in a fun and educational 3-min video. The top videos will be featured in a special presentation night at Questacon and winners will compete for a share of $3000 in prizes!

Entries close August 19. More info and a link to last year’s best videos are at

Call for presenters – 2014 VCE Physics Teachers Conference

If you would like to offer a workshop, either for your fellow physics teachers or on Year 7 – 10 Science, please contact the AIP Education Committee at You only need to give a short description at this stage.

Prof Brian Schmidt, the winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, has accepted an invitation to speak at the conference.

Books for review

John Macfarlane, the book review editor for Australian Physics, is seeking reviewers for the journal to write a short review (300-500 words). If your review is accepted for publication you may keep the book for your own use.

The following books are available for review:

Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age by W Bernard Carlson, 2013, Princeton University Press

Ignorance: How it Drives Science by Stuart Firestein, 2012, Oxford University Press

Contact John at if you are interested in reviewing one of the books or have a suggestion of another book to review.

Other physics news and events

Physics events for the general public, students and teachers

Around Australia

Brian Cox: An evening of scientific phenomena

British particle physicist, author, TV presenter and ex-rock star Prof Brian Cox is touring Australia in August with the ABC’s Adam Spencer at the following dates and places:
Saturday 10 August – Riverside Theatre, Perth
Wednesday 14 August – Hamer Hall, Melbourne
Thursday 15 August – Capitol Theatre, Sydney (new show)
Friday 16 August – Capitol Theatre, Sydney
Saturday 17 August – Royal Theatre, Canberra – this is the only show not already sold out
Tuesday 20 August – Concert Hall, Brisbane

 Thursday 3 October, 9.30-5pm

Offered by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Particle Physics at the Terascale (CoEPP) in conjunction with the International Particle Physics Outreach group (IPPOG), the class is free but places are limited. Follow the link in your city to register your interest.

New South Wales

Open day at the Australia Telescope Compact Array near Narrabri

Sunday 1 September – Public Open Day featuring tours, talks and activities

Fred Watson: Cutting Edge Astronomy

Tuesday 10 September, 6.30-7.30pm – In a public talk at the University of Wollongong, astronomer and popular scientist Fred Watson will explore astronomy from the latest research to the earliest advances


Brisbane Writers Festival

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, medical doctor, physicist, mathematician and engineer is appearing in three different events at the festival:
Friday 6 September, 4.30–6.30pm – Planets, particles and pitchdrops, Free
Saturday 7 September, 10-11am – Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Saturday 7 September, 1-2pm – Save your brain: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Barbara Arrowsmith-Young interviewed by Kelly Higgins-Devine


Inaugural Laby Foundation Visiting Scholar

Free Public Lecture, University of Melbourne
Friday 2 August, 6.30pm – Cait McPhee, University of Edinburgh: Biological physics – what has biology ever done for us?

Saturday 10 August, 2pm

Dr Richard Gillespie: The Melbourne Observatory and The Great Melbourne Telescope, free public lecture at the Monash University Museum of Art, Caulfield campus

Thursday 15 August, 7-8.45am

Science breakfast for girls, with the AIP’s Elisabetta Barberio
As part of National Science Week, the Alliance of Girls’ Schools, in partnership with Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, is hosting the 2013 Science Breakfast featuring a special guest speaker, the eminent Australian physicist Professor Elisabetta Barberio.
The breakfast is open to female students from any year level from any school (but preferably all girl schools). Bookings close 2 August.

Free Astronomy public lectures

Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology
Friday 16 August, 6.30pm – Christopher Fluke, Swinburne: State of the Universe III -The Trilogy Edition
Monday 9 September, 6.30pm – Chris Blake, Swinburne
Monday 11 November, 6.30pm – Eyal Kazin, Swinburne: Einstein and astronomers: An ongoing cosmic saga
Thursday 12 December, 6.30pm – Fred Watson, Australian Astronomical Observatory

Melbourne Writers Festival

Prof Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-Charge of the Australian Astronomical Observatory, is appearing in two events at the festival
Sunday 25 August, 1pm – Fred Watson’s Guide to the Universe
Sunday 25 August, 4pm – Science speaks: Fred Watson, Nurin Veis, Krystal Evans and Ben McKenzie

Western Australia

Josh Richards: Mars Needs Guitars, Lottery West Science Theatre, Scitech

Join comedian, physicist & former soldier Josh Richards as he lays-out the plan to colonise the red planet, and offers 3 of the audience the chance to join him on the greatest adventure of all time.
Monday 12 August, 7pm
Wednesday 14 August, 7pm
Thursday 15 August, 7pm

Discover opportunities for international collaboration

Make connections between Australian and European researchers and industry

Connecting Australian European Science and Innovation Excellence (CAESIE) is a bilateral partnership between the European Union and Australia designed to establish science and technology collaboration and partnership between small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and researchers. It focusses on three challenges: clean energy, healthy ageing and sustainable cities.

Priming grants, to help SME applicants develop a relationship with a researcher are now open. Applications close Friday 11 October.

More info at

Scientific visits to Japan 2014-2015

The Australian Academy of Science is inviting applications from professional scientists to visit Japan between 1 April 2014 and 31 March 2015 to collaborate with researchers in research institutions affiliated with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Funding will be considered for proposals in any field of natural science, basic and applied, including mathematics and engineering science.

More info at and applications close on Friday 30 August.

Attend the Humboldt Colloquium for cooperation with Germany

The Humboldt Foundation is holding a colloquium in Sydney from 17 – 19 October, exploring the chances and challenges of international research in a world in constant change.

Advanced PhD students as well as early-career scientists and scholars are invited to apply to participate in the three-day colloquium and present a short paper or poster.

Participants will meet established researchers from Australia, New Zealand and Oceania with strong international experience and connections. And they will have the chance to seek advice on opportunities for sponsorship for international collaboration through the Humboldt Foundation and its partner organisations.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation promotes academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from Germany and internationally. The Foundation will cover the costs for the participation of early-career researchers in the program.

Applications are accepted until 23 August under the following link:

Other awards, competitions and fellowships

Western Australian Science awards

The 2013 WA Science Awards will celebrate the State’s best in scientific research, and science engagement. The awards cover all fields of science, including engineering, new technologies and mathematics.

There are categories for early-career and students scientists as well as Scientist of the Year, which last year was awarded to Professor Peter Quinn, Director of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research. Professor Steven Tingay, Director of the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy, was the Science Ambassador of the Year.

It would be great to see another strong showing from physicists in 2013.

Details are at and applications close on Friday 6 September.

Collision! – A multimedia competition on particle physics

As part of National Science Week, the ARC Centre of Excellence in Particle Physics at the Terascale (CoEPP) have organised Collision – a competition for multimedia artwork on the topic of particle physics. The prize is $1,000 and the deadline has been extended to 18 August.

The Australian Innovation Challenge

If you have a great idea with the power to affect people’s health, wealth or environment, you should enter the The Australian Innovation Challenge awards recognise people with great ideas to improve our health, wealth or environment. Categories include: minerals and energy; manufacturing and hi-tech design; ICT; and education.

Entries close 26 August. More info at

Australian Academy of Science awards

Several of the 2014 AAS awards, fellowships, and conference supporting funds are open to physicists, including the following:

Physics program coordinator position at Scienceworks, Vic

Scienceworks is seeking a Programs Co-ordinator, Physical Sciences, to develop and deliver curriculum-based programs for students and teachers. They are seeking someone familiar with the physical science curriculum and a teaching background.

More info at and applications close Tuesday 13 August.



The Director’s Colloquium – Research School of Physics and Engineering, Australian National University

Thursday 1 August, 12-1pm – David Chalmers, ANU: Finding space in a nonspatial world

Research School of Physics and Engineering, Australian National University

No departmental seminars currently listed. Check website for updates.

New South Wales

CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF), Marsfield

Wednesday 7 August, 3-4pm – Michelle Cluver, AAO
Tuesday 13 August, 12-1pm – Duncan Farrer, Virginia Tech
Wednesday 14 August, 3-4pm – Brian Jeffs, Brigham Young University
Wednesday 28 August, 3-4pm – Giulia Macario
Friday 27 September, 3-4pm – Amit Kapadia
Wednesday 2 October – James Allison, SIfA

Macquarie University Department of Physics & Astronomy – MQ Photonics Seminar Series

Friday 16 August, 11am – Takashige Omatsu
Friday 30 August , 11am – Simon Clark, Macquarie University: Towards a polymorphic phase change device

School of Physics, University of Sydney

No departmental seminars currently listed. Check website for updates.

School of Physics, University of NSW

Tuesday 6 August, 3pm – Geoffrey Taylor, Discovery of the Higgs boson – current status and future developments


Physics colloquia, University of Queensland

No departmental seminars currently listed. Check website for updates.

South Australia

Chemical and Physical Sciences Seminar Series, Flinders University

Wednesday 14 August, 2.10pm – Marie-Lise Dubernet, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France: The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center (VAMDC)


Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University

Thursday 8 August, 11.30am – Gabor Worseck, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg Germany: Mapping the reionization history of Helium with HeII Lyman alpha absorption spectra
Tuesday 13 August, 11.30am – Luis Torres: Six-month review
Tuesday Aug 27, 11.30am – Pierluigi Cerulo: 30-month review
Thursday Aug 29, 11:30am – Adam Stevens: Six-month review
Thursday September 5, 11:30am – Jesus Falcon Barroso, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
Friday September 20, 11:30am – Sara Ellison, University of Victoria, Canada

Monash Centre for Astrophysics, Monash University

Tuesday 13 August, 3pm – Laurens Keek, Michigan State University
Tuesday 20 August, 3pm – David Nataf, RSAA/ANU
Tuesday 27 August, 3pm – Alina Donea, MoCA, Monash University: The violence of the Sun – solar quakes
Tuesday 3 September, 3pm – Ross Parkin, ANU
Tuesday 10 September, 3pm – Maria Cunningham, UNSW

School of Physics, University of Melbourne

Thursday 1 August, 2-3pm – Cait McPhee, University of Edinburgh: The self-assembly of protein (amyloid) fibrils: where physics and biology meet

Western Australia

Department of Physics, University of Western Australia

Tuesday 13 August, 3.30-4.30pm – Richard N. Manchester, CSIRO: Pulsars and gravity
Wednesday 21 August, 4-5pm – Alexey Veryaskin: Moving-base gradiometry without gradiometers – Mission Impossible?
Wednesday 2 October, 4-5pm – Bipul Bhuyan, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati: Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment


21st International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC 21)
4 – 9 Aug 2013, Cairns, Qld
Italian National Conference on Condensed Matter Physics, FisMat 2013
9 – 13 Sep 2013, Milan, Italy
STANSW Annual Conference 2013. Inquiry Science: Bedding down the NSW Syllabus
20 – 21 Sep 2013, UNSW, Sydney, NSW
4th World Conference on Science and Technology Education (World STE)
29 Sep – 3 Oct, Sarawak Malaysia
Nuclear Science and Engineering in Australia (ANA2013)
11 Oct 2013, Sydney, NSW
Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) Conference
13 – 16 Oct 2013, Cairns, Qld
Abstract submission is open until 27 May and registration opens 1 May
Healthy, Wealthy and Safe: Metrology Society of Australia 12th Biennial National Conference
15 – 17 Oct 2013, Sydney
Looking to the Future: International Research in a Changing World – Humboldt Collquium
17 – 19 Oct 2013, Sydney, NSW
Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine conference, EPSM 2013
3 Nov – 7 Nov, Perth, WA
37th Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Biophysics
24 Nov – 27 Nov, Melbourne, VIC
ANZ Conference on Optics & Photonics
8 – 11 Dec 2013, Fremantle, WA
23rd Australian Conference on Microscopy and Microanalysis (ACMM23) and the International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN 2014)
2 – 6 Feb 2014, Adelaide, SA
NEW 2014 VCE Physics Teachers Conference
14 Feb 2014, Vic
NEW OECC/ACOFT 2014 (19th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference/39th Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology)
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Vic
Joint International Conference on Hyperfine Interactions and Symposium on Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions 2014
21 – 26 Sep 2014, Academy of Sciences, Canberra


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President of the Australian Institute of Physics
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