Training: know your audience, know your story

Whether you want training for large groups of ECRs or one-one bespoke training for research leaders, we can help.

We run a range of forums and workshops where we bring your audience to you. Previous guests have included former ministerial advisors and patient advocates; commercialisation advisors and farming advisors; as well as journalists from Channel 7, Channel 10, The Age, The Herald, Sun and 3AW.

Book now for a one-day media and communication training workshop in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Townsville. Cost is $800 pp + GST

Book a forum to introduce researchers to a topic or audience. Suitable for 10 to 100 participants and they run for 90 minutes. Cost is $2,000 plus travel. Topics include:

  • Make Your Pitch: learn what makes a good pitch, write one, present and get feedback.
  • Meet the media: panel discussion with TV, radio and print journalists.
  • Talking science with business and government: panel discussion with business and government advisors.

To book a forum, contact Sarah (0413 332 489) or Niall ( 0417 131 977).

  • Develop an online profile: Run as two 90-minute sessions. The first introduces researchers who have built strong personal profiles. The second sessions walks through the steps to develop a personal profile: websites/Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles. It covers why do you want a profile, who are your communities of interest and keeping out of trouble.
  • Pictures and videos: How to create compelling vision to support your media and online activities. Varied from 90-minutes to half day to full day.
  • Media & communication training: a one-day intensive workshop with journalists and practice interviews for small groups of up to 14 participants. $800 a place, with workshops coming up in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Townsville. Or we can come in-house for $8,000.
  • Bespoke training for research leaders: media intensives and executive training.

What do our media training courses cover?

This practical workshop will help you:

  • know what to expect when the media does a story
  • practise your interview techniques with working journalists
  • get your message out as accurately as possible

Specific topics include:

  • what makes a good TV, radio or print story
  • how to take control of the media agenda
  • making the big announcement
  • what to do when a journalist knocks on your door
  • handling difficult questions
  • organising a good media release
  • in the hot seat – interview practise with working journalists.

The workshop objectives are:

  • to understand the media and how it operates
  • to develop some skills and confidence in dealing with media interviews
  • to apply principles of message-design to media management.

The workshop evaluation is:

  • reaction-based – workshop feedback sheet provided at end of workshop and results collated
  • learning – assessment of learning on an individual basis is provided throughout the workshop by both oral and written feedback
  • behavioural – individual feedback provided as skills are practised in the workshop, plus individual feedback forms.

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