Video production

Over the years we have produced dozens of videos on Australian science and scientists for many organisations including CSL (15 videos), L’Oreal For Women in Science (28 videos), and contributing to 15 years of the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science videos (about 80 videos).

We make ten to twenty videos a year. Whenever possible we use the voice of the talent and avoid voiceovers.

In 2017 and 2018 we made over 20 videos including:

  • Four bilingual films for the Australian Embassy in Tokyo (see above)
  • Eight researcher profiles for CSL and AIPS
  • Five rare disease patient videos for CSL Behring
  • Thirteen profiles for the Prime Minister’s Prizes (interviews only, production was handled by others).

Our preferred cameraman is Jerome Pelletier from Stepping Stone Films.

Video production costs are in the order of $2,000 to $5,000 per minute depending on the number of interviews and locations required.

Here are a few different styles of video:

This video for CSL illustrates how we can combine different voices in a single narrative. In this case, it’s promoting CSL’s investment in science:

These two videos profile individual researchers. In this case, two winners of L’Oréal Fellowships: Shari Breen and Tamara Davis

This video showcases interviews that we have done over a decade for L’Oréal, CSL and others. It’s a nice example of a showreel /celebratory video.

Videos made for a specific target audience

These videos were produced specifically for people with quadriplegia to raise awareness of sleep apnea and encourage them to get tested if they think they suffer from it.

Celebrating a science prize/fellowship/award

2021 CSL Centenary Fellowship:

2021 AAHMS Fellows:

You can see more of our videos in our YouTube channel at