First man in space 50 years ago today – there’s an Australian connection

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Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space on 12 April 1961, ramping up the Space Race.

To celebrate, a dozen events across Australia join over 340 ‘Yuri’s Night’ parties globally, with many events  showing First Orbit, a new film of Earth vistas shot from the International Space Station as it matched the original path of Gagarin’s spaceship.

Gagarin’s 108-minute orbit of the Earth, combined with the launch less than four years earlier of Sputnik, the first human object into space, excited an entire generation in space, science and engineering.

In the media frenzy that followed Yuri Gagarin was presented with a boomerang by Australian George Burchett, says Australian space archaeologist Dr Alice Gorman.

“Mr George Burchett presents Yuri Gagarin with a boomerang, on behalf of Australian peace workers with the hope that he and his fellow compatriots in their journeying to the stars will, like the boomerang, always return to Earth safely and to a world at peace.”

– Caption on a photo Dr Gorman found in the course of her research.

Burchett was in Moscow visiting his son, Wilfred Burchett who was one of just two western journalists to interview Gagarin face to face.

Dr Gorman says the flight was a milestone in the way people think about space.

“Before Yuri, no-one really knew whether humans could survive in space or return safely,” says Dr Gorman.

“His flight changed that and everyone grows up knowing that it is possible for humans to live in space.”

University of Adelaide astrophysicist Prof Roger Clay says although manned spaceflight isn’t the preferred option for space exploration because human life support systems are fragile and costly – it does attract students to the space sciences.

“The excitement of the idea of exploring the space frontier is overwhelming.“  Prof Clay says,

“Space science is crucial to the future of humanity but the romance is in going there oneself.”


  • ADELAIDE: First Orbit screening and Q&A with space experts including Dr Gorman and Prof Clay

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  • MELBOURNE: First Orbit screening and “Mars walk” simulation.

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