National Science Week


National Science Week 2024 will take place from 10 to 18 August.

2.7 million people participated in 1862 registered events and activities for National Science Week 2023 – the largest number of participants in the festival’s history.

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Martians, dinosaurs headline National Science Week 2024

Media release from The Hon Ed Husic MP, Minister for Industry and Science

12 May 2024

Martians and dinosaurs headline National Science Week 2024, Australia’s biggest annual national celebration of science.

The celebration is now a step closer, with the Australian Government awarding $500,000 in grants to support 32 public science projects right across the country.

The National Science Week Grants provide funding of between $2,000 and $20,000 to support individuals and organisations to deliver community science events.

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Magpie swoops top spot in poll to find Australia’s Favourite Animal Sound

Did you ‘call it’? Or do the results ruffle your feathers?

The magpie’s warbling has won over the nation, taking out number one in ABC’s search for Australia’s Favourite animal sound. The call of the magpie was a clear winner, attracting over a staggering 36% of the votes in the final round.

“The magpie’s warble is part of almost every soundscape in Australia,” says Dr Dominique Potvin, a behavioural ecologist and senior lecturer in Animal Ecology at the University of the Sunshine Coast. “Its song has regional dialects, developed through learning from older generations. So it’s an ancient song, but it keeps evolving. Magpies come together to sing these melodies in a duet or chorus by family groups, letting others know the territory they occupy,” says Dominique.

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