Tuesday at the Better Futures Forum at UNSW Canberra

Media invited onsite and online

Ban Ki-Moon will welcome the new Australian Government’s commitment to more ambitious climate action – 12 noon.

CEO of the European Climate Union, Laurence Tubiana will say that Australia has a chance to become a renewable energy superpower in solar manufacturing, in green hydrogen, in green steel, and more – 1.30 pm

Lord Adair Turner, Chair, Global Energy Transition Commission will tell us that any price below $2 per kg, green hydrogen will unleash a massive industry for steel, fertiliser, jet fuel etc. He’s on at 11.45 am

Campaign launch: we can secure 24-hour renewable energy AND stop price spikes (9.20am)   

Andrew Barr, Lara Panjkov, Luke Osborne, Carla Stocks, Francis Wedin, John Grimes.

Steps to future-proof an ambitious climate agenda.

Janine Mohamed, Brynn O’Brien, Anjali Sharma, David Pocock, Dan Bourchier.

Decarbonising sectors to achieve Australia’s climate agenda together.

Deo Prasad, Virginia Marshall, Akaash Sachdeva, Michael Wheatland, Louise-Marlena Tarrier, Claire O’Rourke.

Plus opportunities for Australia in the new energy economy 

  • Janaline Oh, Diplomats for Climate Action Now

International Policy Frameworks

  • Laurence Tubiana, CEO European Climate Foundation
  • Plus: Cathryn Eatock, Ian Fry, Brianna Fruean, Raymond Minniecon.

On Wednesday

  • Minister Chris Bowen speaking at 7.30 am
  • Renewable export opportunities panel at 9.20 am with Michele O’Neil, Karrina Nolan, Kelly O’Shanassy, Dermot O’Gorman, Clark Butler
  • Preparing Australia for climate impacts in communities across the Asia Pacific
  • How can we strengthen the resilience of local governments to protect communities from the impacts of climate change
  • Do we need a Business Manifesto to advance accelerated action on Australia’s climate recovery?

Full program at https://www.betterfutures.org.au/forum_program

Media contacts:

Niall Byrne, niall@scienceinpublic.com.au, 0417-131-977
Jane Watkins, jane@scienceinpublic.com.au, 0425-803-204.