Australia Hears – fact sheets

Blamey Saunders hears

These fact sheets are included in the media kit. You can download them separately here.

Fact sheet 1: Rediscover a world of sound – Australian researchers have invented a small, smart, self-managed hearing aid that outperforms most conventional devices for less then half the price.

Fact sheet 2: High-tech hearing at low cost – the science and technology behind Australia Hears.

Fact sheet 3: Ears wide open – the long road – bringing Australian hearing science to the community and the market.

Fact sheet 4: Independent audiologist Steve Grayson-Riley discusses the Australia Hears hearing aids

Fact sheet 5: Returning to the whole world of sound – Tim Thwaites, a science writer and broadcaster with Science in Public talks about his introduction to Australia Hears. He trialled and now uses an Australia Hears hearing aid that he purchased at his own expense online.