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Five international Laureates recognised; two weeks to apply for ANZ Fellowships

Posted on behalf of Samantha Hass (Head of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand)

L’Oréal’s global For Women in Science program is in full swing for 2014.

In Australia and New Zealand we’re in the final stages of applications for our three $AU25,000 Fellowships. Please encourage your best early career researchers to apply by 16 April.

The Paris Spring has brought a fresh crop of Laureates, exceptional women, scientific leaders from the five regions of the world.

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Dates for 2014 L’Oréal Fellowships; updates on past Fellows; and other news for women in science

Posted on behalf of Samantha Hass (Scientific Manager, L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand)

In our last newsletter we introduced the 2013 L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand For Women in Science Fellows. In this issue we catch up with the 2012 Fellows.

  • The leukaemia drug that Kylie Mason and her colleagues have developed has been very successful in trials. She’s also had a series of papers in Nature Medicine, PNAS and Blood and continues to advocate for better outcomes for young people with cancer.
  • NZ kidney specialist Suetonia Palmer has won a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship and is representing early career researchers at her university.
  • Solar cell researcher Baohua Jia has filed three patents this year and was invited to a private lunch with the highest ranking woman in the Chinese government.

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Celebrating women in science with the 2013 L’Oréal Fellowships

Posted on behalf of Samantha Hass, Scientific Manager, L’Oréal Australia

It was lovely to see so many of Australia’s leaders (and future leaders) in science gathered at the National Gallery of Victoria last month for our 7th annual celebration of women in science.

The three 2013 Fellows – Dr Kathryn Holt, Dr Joanne Whittaker, and Dr Misty Jenkins – featured widely in the media: on the ABC and commercial TV, on prime-time radio and in newspapers across in the country.

Read more about their work in this bulletin: they’re stopping the spread of superbugs; piecing together the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle; and spying on cancer-fighting serial-killers.

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Women in science: news, events and an update on the 2012 L’Oréal Australia and NZ Fellows

Congratulations to the 2013 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Laureates; meet Fiona Stanley, Susan Greenfield and Marita Cheng and discuss their journeys in science; travel and recognition for the 2012 Australia and NZ Fellows; Nature says their publications don’t celebrate women in science enough; an Emmy for Immortal, a documentary about Elizabeth Blackburn.

L’Oréal For Women in Science Fellowship applications now open; Prof Ingrid Scheffer in Paris; Last year’s Fellows rising through the ranks

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How life survives in unlikely places, gender barriers and more – L’Oréal For Women In Science update

In this bulletin: Finding life in extreme physical environments: expatriate Australian Professor Jillian Banfield among the five Laureates announced for 2011 L’Oréal Australian Fellows win 2010 Eureka Prizes Recent US survey shows that gender is still a major barrier for women in science Applying for Australian Fellowships for 2011 The signature of life…international Laureates announced […]

L’Oréal Australia Fellowships in 2010

Applications for the 2010 L’Oréal Australia For Women In Science Fellowships have now closed. Below is the April bulletin for 2010. We’re pleased to include progress reports on our 2009 Fellows. As you will read, their work spans the full extent of space and time—from Marnie’s studies on how genes are controlled, through Tamara’s exploration […]

L’Oréal For Women In Science November 2009 Bulletin

In this bulletin:

2010 Laureates announced
Two former Laureates win Nobel Prizes in Medicine and Chemistry
Prime Minister recognises L’Oréal Fellow with physical sciences prize
Updates from our 2007 and 2008 Australian Fellows – Tara Telescope in business, and more
Applying for Australian Fellowships for 2010

International Laureates announced
The winners of the 2010 L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Awards were announced on 14 October 2009.
The […]