Australian Institute of Physics Congress 2022

Stories from the Australian Institute of Physics Congress 2022

Over 1,000 physicists gathered in Adelaide for the 24th Congress of the Australian Institute of Physics from 11-16 December 2022.

Media releases from the Congress:

Giant machines for giant questions

Square Kilometre Array sites in South Africa and Australia. Credit: SKA Observatory. 
  • The biggest radio telescope
  • The dark side of the universe – could Australia host a gravitational wave detector?
  • Too wet for next generation telescopes

Australian researchers are in pole position to solve some of the Universe’s greatest mysteries by participating in three massive global projects.

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We need to lose our fear of the ‘nuclear’ word

  • A call to action to train a nuclear savvy generation
  • Australia will need thousands of people trained in nuclear science
  • For submarines, cancer treatments, space industry, mining…

Our new submarine fleet, new cancer therapies, quantum computing, space industry and satellites, the extraction of critical minerals and monitoring the environment will all demand levels of training in nuclear science we cannot at present meet.

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Fusion energy

Reactions: interviews available with Australian nuclear physicists at the Australian Institute of Physics Congress in Adelaide

The US experimenters apparently have got out more energy than they put in in a fusion experiment, thus technically achieving ignition. This indeed is a breakthrough worthy of celebration.

However, there is a long way to go. From the nature of the facility where the experiment was performed, I’d say this energy came in a single pulse or “flash”. So, for a viable power source it would be necessary to have sustained repeated such pulses, and be able to collect the energy released efficiently. There’s still a long way to go. That said, achieving ignition is an essential milestone that apparently now has been reached. Practical fusion power is a step closer to reality.

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Before the Big Bang, nuclear jobs, quantum music…

 Black Hole With Jet (Artist’s Concept), NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Monday at the physics national congress in Adelaide

Before the Big Bang, beyond black holes: questions for Christmas lunch

What came before the big bang? Is there an edge to space? What’s beyond the horizon of a black hole? What can the amazing images from the James Webb Space Telescope tell us?

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