The 2010 International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN 2010) brought together the Australian and International community working in the field of nanoscale science and technology to discuss new and exciting advances in the field. ICONN 2010 covered nanostructure growth, synthesis, fabrication, characterisation, device design, modelling, testing and applications.

Science in Public managed the ICONN media room.

Killing bugs with gold and laser beams

Scientists have been able to kill an infectious parasite using non-toxic gold nanoparticles and laser beams.

“Our first target is Toxoplamosis gondii, a parasite that infects one in three people and causes problems especially in the young and old, and people with a compromised immune system says Michael Cortie from the University of Technology Sydney, speaking on behalf of his team at ICONN 2010 the international nanotechnology conference in Sydney.

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The Diamond Age

Move aside bronze, iron, silicon

We’re moving into the Diamond Age according to Professor David Awschalom from the University of California.

He and his team have already built experimental diamond chips by punching atom-sized flaws into the diamond’s molecular structure.

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Where do nanoparticles go?

Never before have scientists made such a proactive effort to study the safety of an emerging technology as they are currently doing with nanotechnology, says Dr Mark Wiesner from Duke University.

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World’s tiniest scales

Measuring the contents of a single cell: the nano-machinery of life

Scientists are developing a tiny set of scales that will be capable of weighing each of the 100 million or so different proteins in a human cell.

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A million times faster

A radical new kind of computer memory will be a million times faster than existing hard-drives, a leading expert in the field of nanotechnology announced today in Sydney.

It will use nanotechnology to manipulate data like cars on tiny racetracks.

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Scientists relax – Australia loves us

And Australians are feeling good about new technologies including nanotechnology.

Most Australians (84%) feel positive that science and technology are improving society. These positive perceptions have been strongly held over the last five years.

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What are the big issues about small technologies?

Nanotech – free public forum

Presented by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science & Research

For ICONN: Australia’s International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

James O’Loghlin from the ABC’s New Inventors hosts a speculative discussion on how nanotechnology products are developed and reach the consumer.

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