JABBED: information for doctors

An introduction for doctors to the documentary JABBED

JABBED – love, fear and vaccines is a documentary on vaccination, screening on SBS One at 8.30pm, Sunday 26 May 2013.

Vaccine-preventable diseases are still a problem in our community. While more than 90% of Australians support vaccination, some people are delaying or refusing vaccines. Whooping cough and measles in particular are appearing again. Meanwhile, some parents are anxious about the rare cases of serious reactions to vaccination.

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JABBED: a public forum on love, fear and vaccines

Public forum Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Diseases that were largely eradicated forty years ago are returning. Across the world children are getting sick and dying from preventable conditions because nervous parents are skipping their children’s shots.

Yet the stories of vaccine reactions are frightening, with cases of people being damaged, even killed, by vaccines. How do we decide whether to vaccinate or not, and what are the real risks?

  • Why are Melbourne babies getting whooping cough?
  • Why are measles epidemics appearing in Europe?
  • Why does vaccination remain so controversial?
  • While more than 90% of Australians support vaccination, why are many of us delaying or refusing vaccines?
  • What’s going wrong with the community conversation about vaccination?

Explore these issues and more at a public forum with Sonya Pemberton, the producer of JABBED, a documentary premiering on SBS TV on Sunday 26 May 2013. [continue reading…]