Ultimo Science Festival

The Ultimo Science Festival 2012 wasUltimo Science Festival 11 days of science on Harris St, Sydney: talks, activities, workshops, comedy, exhibitions and films for all ages.

More information at www.ultimosciencefestival.com

We helped with the media program.

Thought-controlled wheelchair to help severely disabled

“Think of a Rubik’s cube to turn right, close your eyes to stop”

A working prototype of a wheelchair steered by thoughts, rather than hands, will be demonstrated live to the public in Sydney next week.

About 700,000 Australians live with severe disability—many entirely dependent on someone else to move.

They may soon be more mobile thanks to the Thought-controlled Intelligent Machine (TIM), developed at the University of Technology Sydney.  [continue reading…]

Learn more about cooking’s key ingredient: science

Whether it’s how you make that perfect soufflé or detect a hint of vanilla in your coffee, knowing more about the physics and chemistry of food may just let you be more creative in the kitchen—and enjoy food more.

To guide people on this gastronomic journey, a biochemist turned pastry chef, a coffee expert and ABC TV’s ‘surfing scientist’ are running public shows and workshops featuring food and science in Sydney next week.

They are also happy to share their love of food and chemistry with the media. See below for details and interview contacts.

[continue reading…]