Before the Big Bang, nuclear jobs, quantum music…

Australian Institute of Physics Congress 2022, Media releases
 Black Hole With Jet (Artist’s Concept), NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Monday at the physics national congress in Adelaide

Before the Big Bang, beyond black holes: questions for Christmas lunch

What came before the big bang? Is there an edge to space? What’s beyond the horizon of a black hole? What can the amazing images from the James Webb Space Telescope tell us?

“When I’m having a chat with family and friends, these are the questions I’m asked” says astrophysicist Tamara Davis. Tamara is giving a free public talk on Monday 12 December. And she’s available for interview.

Nobel lasers

Nobel Prize winner on high intensity lasers that cut transparent things – from your cornea to glass components in your phone; invented by Donna Strickland during her PhD. Awarded the Nobel Prize 33 years later. Presenting to scientists and schoolgirls.


Listen to ‘Alice’s caffeine rush composed by quantum computer, Quanthoven. Find out what it means for quantum AI and understanding consciousness with Bob Coecke, Chief Scientist at Quantinuum, making quantum software and hardware, and Emeritus Professor at Wolfson College, Oxford

Is Australia winning the quantum race? Australia’s Chief Scientist, Cathy Foley, on Australia’s quantum opportunities. She’s just back with insights from the Quantum World Congress in Washington DC.


  • Submarines, medicine, space industry and mining. We’re going to need thousands of people with nuclear science training.
  • Will a lab in a gold mine find dark matter?
  • Navigation without GPS, compasses and maps


  • An unlucky star wanders too close to a supermassive black hole
  • The quantum biology in our bodies
  • Does Australia need a gravitational wave detector?


  • Time crystals; quantum astronomy could find many more planets

And many more stories from the 1,000 physicists meeting at the 24th Congress of the Australian Institute of Physics, at the Adelaide Convention Centre, supported by the South Australian Government.

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