Saving coral, predicting earthquakes, fighting malaria – stories of successful Australia/Japan science collaboration


Booth at Science Agora: Japan

Saturday and Sunday, 1st Floor Miraikan

Exploring Antarctic oceans with elephant seals; sharing neutrons; new drugs for malaria; and the prehistory of tsunamis.

Find out about these and other Australia/Japan science collaborations at our booth on the 1st Floor at Mirakan.

Further information

Japanese science and technology has changed Australia: from the Walkman to the DVD, hybrid cars, stem cell science and more. But it’s not a one way trade. Japanese lives are being improved by Australian inventions such as the bionic ear, gum that repairs tooth decay, sleep disorder treatments, lithium to treat bi-polar disorder, black boxes, and anti-flu drugs, which are all used daily in Japan.

Today there are hundreds of thriving Australia/Japan research collaborations, many of which will have a profound impact on our lives in the years ahead. Find out more at the Science in Public booth presented in collaboration with the Australian Embassy in Japan.

Staff at the booth will also be available to discuss, “How to get Japanese science into the western media”, the topic of a Sunday morning forum at Science Agora.

ANSTO’s neutron beamlines are supporting Japanese research, credit: ANSTO

ANSTO’s neutron beamlines are supporting Japanese research, credit: ANSTO