Ports that work; saving children’s lives; water smart cities and more

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Aus indo logoToday in Surabaya, the 3rd Indonesia-Australia Research Summit with research to change lives including:

  • Making ports that work with rail, road, and the surrounding communities
  • Could vitamin D reduce child deaths?
  • Designing the coolest and most energy-efficient tropical houses
  • What do children learn about diet and nutrition on the street: from advertising to school posters and street rubbish?
  • How do island and remote communities change with access to 24/7 power?

These are some of the challenges being tackled by researchers from 11 Indonesian and Australian universities meeting today and tomorrow in Surabaya for the 3rd Indonesia-Australia Research Summit.

Today they’re discussing:

  • What do Indonesians think of Australia? What do Australians think of Indonesia? And how can we change perceptions so that our economies and communities can grow together?
  • How can innovation change the lives of Indonesians and Australians for the better – locally, nationally, and internationally?
  • What can Australia and Indonesia do better together? What can we create together and take to the world?

The Summit is at Kampus C, Universitas Airlangga. All sessions are open to the media and the speakers are available for interview.

Opening ceremony at 13.30 pm with:

  • The Mayor of Surabaya, a city that won the ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable City Award in 2012
  • The President of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences
  • The Rector, Universitas Airlangga
  • The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia
  • The Secretary General, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia
  • The Chairman of the Australia-Indonesia Centre

Speakers include

  • The astronomer who made Wi-Fi fast and reliable
  • The cofounder of Kopernik – bringing light, energy, connection, and other life-changing technology to the people who most need it.
  • The founder of Indonesia’s leading renewable energy engineering company
  • The Editor-in-Chief of the Jakarta Post
  • The Director of the Future Cities Laboratory, University of Zurich

More information at http://australiaindonesiacentre.org/projects/indonesia-australia-research-summit-2016/

For interviews in English contact: Andrew Tijs, +61 405 278 298, andrew.tijs@australiaindonesiacentre.org