Australia New Zealand Biotechnology Partnership Fund (ANZBPF) applications open

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Following the recent announcement of a NZ $3.8m grant package for the Australia New Zealand Biotechnology Partnering Fund (ANZBPF), applications for the 2008/09 fund are now open.

The ANZBPF is administered by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and is designed to facilitate and accelerate trans-Tasman biotechnology industry collaboration. The fund supports significant trans-Tasman alliances that develop greater regional strength, sustained profitability, access to, and competitiveness in, international markets for New Zealand’s biotechnology products and services.

Previous grants have been awarded to companies covering a wide range of biotech projects including the commercialisation of bone graft technology, cancer therapy, nerve repair, a blood-typing product, a diagnostic tool, pasture endophytes, and a new grass variety.

A total grant funding of NZ$4.5 million is available for the 2008/09 round, and will offer assistance for:

  • Collaborative Large Scale Projects – up to NZ $2million per grant
  • Market Acceptance Projects – up to NZ$125,000 per grant
  • Biotechnology-Market Development Activities – up to NZ$50,000 per grant
  • People and Skills Development – up to NZ$10,000 per grant

(Note: All dollar-figures are inclusive of GST)

Large-scale ANZBPF grants are competitive and will be subject to a closing date; small-scale ANZBPF grants are non-competitive and subject to fund availability throughout the year.

The closing date for applications between $500K+ and $2M is 06 June 2008.

The closing date for applications between $125K+ and $500K is 22 September 2008.

The ANZBPF was announced in September 2003 and opened for grant applications on 1 July 2004. The fund originally comprised $12 million (including grant and operational expenditure) to be allocated over three years (by 30 June 2007). In 2007 the government announced a further $25m for appropriation over the next five years.

Only New Zealand companies or organisations are eligible.

The ANZBPF is designed to compliment existing NZTE economic development services and support schemes offered by the Foundation for Research, Science and technology (FRST), Technology New Zealand (Tech NZ) and the Health Research Council (HRC). The ANZBPF will support development, marketing and manufacturing initiatives between New Zealand and Australia; it is not a research fund. NZTE may direct applicants to other NZTE, FRST or HRC schemes if the proposals received are deemed more suitable for these funds.

To apply for 2008/09 funding please contact your NZTE Client Manager or an ANZBPF advisor listed below.