Your brain on fake news; an insect festival; science graffiti; and more

Media releases, National Science Week

Saturday 12 August 2017

Highlights from Day 1 of National Science Week

170 events and exhibitions, 17 online activities, and dozens of great stories and talent, including:

Sydney: Your brain on fake news.

Canberra: What do you get when science meets street art? See ‘Co-Lab’ at Science in ACTion.

Bendigo: Before Hidden Figures, women made The Glass Universe, with US author Dava Sobel.

Melbourne: How does the smell of BLOOD make you feel? at the Science Gallery Melbourne.

Hobart: Ethical farming, the science of piracy and Hobart Hackerspace at the Festival of Bright Ideas

Adelaide: How does your brain work?

Perth: Are your genes your destiny? Gattaca, 20 years on.

Alice Springs: bush foods, food waste as fuel, and science in the garden with Costa Georgiardis at the desertSMART EcoFair.

Darwin: What do midges have to do with chocolate? Find out at the Darwin Insect Festival.

Townsville: The neuroscience of ADHD, the biomechanics of athletes, drones monitoring the Reef—women spruik their science form a soapbox on The Strand.

Brisbane: Scientists in the shopping mall: forensics, science shows and racing engineering at Westfield Garden City.

Online: How healthy is your relationship with your smartphone? Scientists want to know.

More than 187 events, exhibitions and online activities on offer around the country today.

National and international talent, researchers, experts, and other interesting people available for interview around the country. Plenty of photo opportunities.

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National Science Week has become one of Australia’s largest festivals. Last year saw a staggering 1.3 million people participate in more than 1,800 events and activities.

In 2017, National Science Week celebrates its 20th birthday, with 2,000+ events registered throughout Australia— from insect Olympics in Darwin to ‘Blood’ at Melbourne’s new Science Gallery, to Antarctic science in the Apple Isle—with everything from science festivals, music and comedy shows, expert panel discussions, interactive hands-on displays, open days and online activities.

The festival is proudly supported by the Australian Government; partners CSIRO, the Australian Science Teachers Association and the ABC; and sponsors Cosmos, Discovery Science, New Scientist and Popular Science.

Visit the National Science Week website for the details of events in your area: