Single electron reader opens path for quantum computing

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Australian engineers and physicists have developed a ‘single electron reader’, one of the key building blocks needed to make a quantum computer. Their work was published online by Nature on Monday 27 September.

These pages contain background resources for the paper.

1. Media release

2. Backgrounder

3. Aalto University media release

4. Photos – see right and below and click through for higher resolution versions.

5. The paper is available at and on Nature’s embargo pages.

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Project leaders Andrew Dzurak (left) and Andrea Morello. Credit: UNSW

Core UNSW experimental team: (from left) Jarryd Pla, Andrew Dzurak, Andrea Morello and Floris Zwanenburg. Credit: UNSW

Artist’s impression of a phosphorus atom (red sphere surrounded by a blue electron cloud, with spin) coupled to a silicon single-electron transistor, to achieve single-shot readout of the phosphorus electron spin. Credit: William Algar-Chuklin, College of Fine Arts, UNSW.