Killer litter, ecohomes, and asking ‘can science save humanity?’

Eco on the agenda for National Science Week

Wednesday 19 August 2015

… and there’s more on each below.

We know what climate scientists think, but how do they feel? – Melbourne, VICletters.2 letters

Climate scientists have feelings too, and you can read them at the Is This How You Feel? exhibition, full of moving hand-written letters from Australian and international climate researchers on how they feel about climate change.

Read letters from Andy Pitman, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, Climate Council members Will Steffen and Lesley Hughes, Monash University’s Ailie Gallant (pictured), and more.

Viewers of the exhibition can write their own letter on how climate change makes them feel and see it displayed alongside the countless other contributions.

On now until Saturday 29 August Event details

Climate scientist Ailie Gallant is available for interviews.

Contact: or 03 9905 3216

Other media enquiries: Joe Duggan, or 0438 523 667

Can we save the Tassie Devils from cancer and extinction? – Hobart, TAS devil

What exactly is this devil cancer, how do they get it and what’s being done about it? Wildlife biologist Stewart Huxtable introduces the science behind Devil Facial Tumour Disease, an infectious cancer threatening the survival of devils in the wild. Bookings essential.

In this seminar event, Stewart will outline the extraordinary conservation efforts taking place to ensure devils do not go extinct and discuss the science underpinning these efforts.

Thursday 20 August Event details

Wildlife biologist Stewart Huxtable is available for media interviews.

Media enquiries: Jess Fuller-Smith,, 03 6238 2886 or 0419 011 688

It’s not all about ice caps and polar bears: how will climate change affect our health? – Adelaide, SA

Tim Flannery, former Director of the South Australian Museum and 2007 Australian of the Year, is well-known for his work communicating the dangers of climate change on our planet.

Tim will be discussing the impacts of climate change on human health—a hot topic in the lead up to December’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris.

Thursday 20 August Event details

Media enquiries: Kelly Banwell, or 08 8313 3368

Killer litter goes a long way – Taronga Zoo, Mosman, NSWcoral

Harmful marine debris is a key threat to marine life, and Taronga Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital cares for and treats hundreds of native animals every year that are sick or injured from ingesting plastic.

Hear from Taronga Zoo and other scientific experts about why plastic debris in our oceans is such a threat, what governments and scientists are doing to tackle this issue, and how people can help.

Thursday 20 August Event details

Media enquiries: Cate Frederickson,

Can science save humanity? – Acton, ACT

Human population growth collides with global warming and resource depletion. It sounds like the plot for a B-grade movie, but this is the situation we now face. We are sailing full speed through dangerous waters. The question is, what can we do about it?

Guest speakers: Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery; Clive Hamilton, author of Earthmasters: Playing God with the Climate; Professor Will Steffen, Executive Director of ANU Climate Change Institute; Dr Stephen Bygrave, Director of Beyond Zero Emissions; and Professor Hilary Bambrick, Chair of Population Health at UWS .

Sunday 23 August Event details

Media enquiries: Rod Taylor, or 0419 217 293

Severe weather and natural disasters: are we ready? – Australian National University, ACT

With severe weather and natural disasters on the rise due to climate change, is our society ready? How resilient is our society, our economy and our built environment? Can we adapt? Are we prepared?

This seminar is organised by the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society ACT Branch and features the following speakers:

  • Prof Mark Howden talking on Agriculture
  • Prof John McAneny talking on insurance
  • Mark Edwards from Geoscience Australia
  • Nick Lheunde from ACT Emergency Services Agency talking on local severe weather plans

Sunday 23 August Event details

Media enquiries: Clem Davis, or 0421 250 733

Derek Muller: Meet the Uranium documentary maker ­– Perth Town Hall lab

Meet Derek Muller – an Australian-Canadian physicist, science communicator, filmmaker and television presenter, best known for his YouTube channel Veritasium and his role as a presenter on ABC’s Catalyst.

Derek is the host of the documentary Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail, premiering this month. The series journeys across nine countries and more than a century of stories to explore the science and history of the most wondrous and terrifying rock on Earth.

Wednesday 26 August Event details

Derek Muller is available for media interviews

Contact: Jessica Parry, SBS publicity,, 0428 767 836 or 9430 3786

The secrets of a self-sustaining ecohome – Mt Nelson, TAS

An entirely self-sustaining home with stunning views and the highest passive solar ratings possible – what more could you want?

Documentary “A Modern Build Tasmania – Asante” follows the story of Tasmania’s most energy efficient build of 2014, from inception to finished product.

It is the first feature documentary for Alexander Palmer, Flowing Image Productions. The session includes a bonus short film ‘Tasmania Story’ on Bob Clifford the super ferry founder from small beginnings, and a Q&A with the film maker.

Thursday 27 August Event details

Media enquiries: Jenny Dudgeon, or 0438 283 872

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