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International Genetics Congress returns

  • When will genetics deliver on the hype and truly guide your healthcare?
  • It’s in the air and water – a campaign to find and protect Australia’s missing plant and animal species
  • Growing rice without paddies and other plant breeding tricks
  • Life in the most extreme environments
  • How flies solve the riddles of rare human diseases
  • Catch-22: perils, promises, and profit from indigenous peoples’ DNA


  • Celebrating genetics at St Pauls
  • Counting peas: Mendel’s 201st birthday
  • An oratorio on the Origins of the Universe, of Life, of Species, of Humanity 
  • Are super athletes born or made? Genetics vs Sport 

Some of the hundreds of stories to be discovered at the 23rd International Genetic Congress, 16 to 21 July at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The media are welcome.

Twenty years ago Melbourne hosted the 19th International Genetics Congress. We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the discovery of DNA’s double helix and the revolution it unleashed. We admired the completion of the $US 2.5 billion Human Genome Project, the moon shot of biology, that revealed that the human genome is…complicated. Hundreds of young researchers were inspired into research careers.

  • Today, your genome can be sequenced in days at low cost and used to generate a cancer treatment unique to you.
  • Families with mitochondrial disease have a chance for a healthy baby through mitochondrial donation
  • The natural genetic diversity in every crop is being harnessed to boost food production.
  • mRNA has brought rapid vaccine and drug development.

Find out what else is to come with 1700 delegates from 50 countries, supported by 70 companies. For more information and accreditation contact Niall Byrne,, +61-417-131-977, and visit and