Humanity + – a free public forum on nanotechnologies and their implications

Humanity +

Nanotechnologies are changing our world, soon they’ll be transforming our bodies.

Free public forum, Oceans Bar, Crown Plaza Hotel, Coogee

This Thursday 14 July 2011 from 6 pm.

Are you ready? How long do you want to live? And what price are you willing to pay?

Explore the issues behind nanotechnologies at this free public forum.

Free pizza, drinks at bar prices

Nanotechnologies are rapidly transforming our lives. They’re behind the smartphones, ipads and computer farms that are changing how we relate to our friends, families and communities.

They’re changing how we meet, work and play.

What’s next?

Researchers are creating nanomedicines and implants that promise much more: rapid testing for disease, embedded medicines, bionic implants.

Most of Gen Y could live for a hundred years or longer. But will you still be human?

Explore the potential and the ethics of human augmentation with our panel of scientists and ethicists at this free public forum presented by the Sydney 2011 International Nanomedicine Conference and the Commonwealth Government’s National Enabling Technologies Strategy.

Our panel of scientists will explore:

  • How nanoparticles could sniff out cancers before they grow
  • How to regrow cartilage and body tissues with stem cells
  • How bionic ears, eyes, and muscles could
    change us

We’ll discuss

  • How these new technologies need to be controlled – to ensure their safety
  • How these technologies could keep you alive much longer – but at what price
  • How close to reality are the depictions of human augmentation in movies and games?
  • When will we stop being human?

And we’ll offer free pizza. Other food and drinks will be available at the usual bar prices.


To RSVP (for numbers) and for further information contact AJ Epstein
on +61 (433) 339-141,
Twitter @scienceinpublic, #hplus
Or visit