Prizes, awards and opportunities

  • Nominate your top scientists, science communicators, and research leaders for one of 18 Eureka Prizes. Nominations open until 14 April.
  • ATSE awards are open until 29 May, for excellence in technology, applied science and engineering.
  • Look out for the ABC Top 5 Media Residency Program, opening soon. For early-career researchers across science, arts and humanities with a flair and passion for communicating their work.

More on each below.

If you need support with planning and editing your nominations, we can help.

Eureka Prizes

The 2023 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are now open for nominations. Winners will take home a share of a total prize pool of $180,000.

There are 18 prizes this year across the four prize categories: Research & Innovation, Leadership, Science Engagement and School Science.

Key dates:

  • Entries close 7pm AEST Friday 14 April
  • Finalists announced Wednesday 19 July
  • Winners announced at Award Ceremony Wednesday 23 August

See more information on the Australian Museum website.

ATSE Awards

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering recognising excellence in STEM with awards including:

  • Clunies Ross Awards
  • Batterham Medal for Engineering Excellence
  • ICM Agrifood Award
  • Ezio Rizzardo Polymer Scholarship
  • David & Valeria Solomon Award
  • ATSE President’s Medal

Visit the awards portal.

ABC Top 5 Media Residency

The ABC are searching for Australia’s emerging thinkers and communicators.

The ABC TOP 5 is for dynamic early-career PhD scholars or Arts practitioners, with a flair and passion for communicating their work to a non-academic audience.

The TOP 5 media residencies are designed to develop the communication skills and media awareness of Australia’s emerging thinkers, helping researchers share their knowledge and expertise with audiences seeking credible information and informed debate.

The successful applicants spend two weeks ‘in residence’ at ABC Radio National, working alongside some of the country’s best journalists and broadcasters, training in media communication and developing content for different ABC platforms.

In addition to audio, they will also get the opportunity to engage with other teams across the ABC including in TV and digital.

Applications will be announced on the ABC website soon.