ACT: How can houses, gardens and neighbourhoods fight climate change?

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The following initiatives received funding from the Australian Government’s 2024 National Science Week event grant round. More details for each will be posted closer to the event.

National Science Week in ACT

Harmonising Nature and Innovation: Climate resilience through STEM

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Ltd

How can houses, gardens and neighbourhoods fight climate change? Residents in Canberra and other places around the country will be invited to take part in workshops, exhibitions, discussions, and tours of ‘Open Houses’, ‘Open Gardens’ and award-winning projects. They will see how landscape architecture – the STEM profession behind public gardens, urban landscapes and more – is being used to fight climate change, cool urban heat islands, reduce storm damage, and make cities healthier, more liveable places.

Landscape architects, as stewards of the natural and built environment, routinely apply STEM in the planning and design of sites where millions of people live, work and play. Student participants will learn more about this practical and impactful scientific career option.

Project/event location(s): ACT