SA: Explore the Naracoorte Caves online

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The following initiatives received funding from the Australian Government’s 2024 National Science Week event grant round. More details for each will be posted closer to the event.

National Science Week in SA

World Heritage: Beyond the Boundaries (Naracoorte)

Department for Environment and Water

Explore the Naracoorte Caves online, home to exquisitely preserved giant wombat, 2.5 metre kangaroo and other megafauna fossils. It’s one of the largest and oldest fossil sites in the world. Webinars presenting the latest discoveries in the caves will be livestreamed from within the caves themselves, followed by an online Q&A with the researchers. Significant discoveries include finding new species of animals and understanding how mammals respond to climate change. In addition, there will be an in-person public event for the Limestone Coast community to visit and learn more about this internationally significant site in their backyard. These events celebrate the 30th anniversary of the World Heritage listing of the Naracoorte Caves.

Project/event location(s): SA and online