Fresh Science; put your science in front of journos; Europe travel for PhD students; the sound of breaking glass

Do you know any exceptional early career researchers with peer reviewed papers and potential to be a media star?

If so, consider nominating them for Fresh Science – a competition where we train them and throw them to the media lions – generating hundreds of stories.

More info on that below, and also:

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Risking cancer to avoid nano-sunscreen and heads-up on SKA and World TB Day

Welcome back – this is my first 2012 bulletin for journalists interested in science.

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Revealing the dark side – in Tasmania this week

Tamara Davis - 2009 FellowWhat we see in the night sky is only five per cent of the Universe. So what’s the other 95 per cent of the Universe made of – a young physicist has the answers across Tasmania this week.

One of Australia’s leading young physicists will reveal the dark secrets of the Universe in Tasmania this week with a series of school and public talks in Burnie, Launceston, Devonport and Hobart.

Dr Tamara Davis is a L’Oréal Australia Fellow, the 2011 national Women in Physics lecturer, an astrophysicist at the Universities of Queensland and Copenhagen, and good talent. [continue reading…]