Science Communicators

Prize time; stories needed; charge up your communicators

It’s down to work in 2014 with the challenges of communicating science in an arguably more hostile environment.

Prizes are a powerful platform to create role models and reach our investors – the Australian public. Please consider who you can put forward for prizes new and old which open for nomination in the coming weeks.

In particular we’re looking for 60 early career researchers for FameLab Australia, a new initiative combining our Fresh Science program with the British Council’s global program.

Strong stories can drive public and political opinion. Our Stories of Australian Science collection will highlight the best of 2013. And we’re offering audits, mentoring and training services to help your scientists make the best of their moment in the media spotlight. More on those below.

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Cuts, more cuts and confusion: Australian science in 2014?

I fear that that cuts and community confusion about science and evidence will be major challenges for science in 2014.  How can we encourage policy makers to use science properly in their deliberations on everything from climate change to public health and conservation? How can we support continuing funding for science?

I think we’ll need to work harder than ever to tell voters compelling stories of the impact of science on their lives.

Here are some ways I think you can do that.

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Shocking psychological experiments, the art of selling Australian science to the world, Fresh Science and more

I’m reintroducing my occasional bulletins about science-related events in Victoria.

Tomorrow, there are three talks:

And this Friday science filmmaker Sonya Pemberton will be talking about the business and art of getting Australian science to global TV audiences.

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The Stupid Species

Why everyone (except you) is an idiot.

Live show on tour

Daniel Keogh, reporter for ABC’s Hungry Beast and Radio National’s Science Show, is on tour for National Science Week to show why human stupidity is unavoidable.

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What makes science news?

How do you get science into the news? How do you ensure the science is accurately reported?

Join journalists from the Age, Ten, The Aus, and 3AW at the Redback next Tuesday for a discussion on what makes science news for their audiences.

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Webs, wikis, blogs and avatars

Webs, wikis, blogs and avatars: It’s not too late to join the ASC’s Web 2.0 course this Friday from 3pm to 9pm at RMIT. Discover the mysteries of this 21st Century communication tool in a special course designed for the Australian Science Communicators. [continue reading…]