From the bionic ear to the ‘audiologist in your pocket

The Aussie hearing system you can set up yourself or for your gran: online and on your phone

From the bionic ear to the ‘audiologist in your pocket’ – high performance, low cost hearing for the four million of us who don’t want to admit our hearing loss

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An Australian company has completed a trifecta of tools to help Australians take care of their own hearing without the stress and expense of audiology visits. It’s the product of decades of government-backed research. [continue reading…]

An old home for unique Australian-designed hearing aid technology

Blamey and Saunders Hearing Pty Ltd

Empowering a generation to take control of their hearing

The Australian hearing aid company Blamey & Saunders Hearing’s new clinic and offices will be opened this evening at 6 pm at historic 364 Albert Street, East Melbourne, by Michelle Gallaher, CEO of the BioMelbourne Network.

The new hearing aid has evolved from sound technologies developed for Graeme Clark’s bionic ear. It empowers users to take control of their own hearing. They can buy online and fine tune the hearing aid themselves or with the help of an audiologist. The choice is theirs and the price—starting at under $1,000—is a fraction of the cost of equivalent hearing aids.

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