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Millions of people go without simple vision care; The Great Barrier Reef loses half its coral; Fresh Science finals are coming up

A pair of spectacles can cost just $2. An eye test and fitting can take just 30 minutes.

So why are over 700 million people suffering from poor vision?

An international study by the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Australia and South Africa, and Johns Hopkins University in the US reveals that lack of access to basic optometry services is costing US$202 billion each year.

The research is published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation.

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Don’t send your recycled glasses to developing countries, it costs twice as much as giving them ready-made glasses

Dr David Wilson, Research Manager Asia-Pacific, International Centre for Eyecare Education  Photo courtesy of International Centre for Eyecare Education

You might feel good sending your old reading glasses to a developing country. But a recent international study, led by the International Centre for Eyecare Education (ICEE), a collaborating partner in the Vision CRC, in Sydney, suggests it is far better to give $10 for an eye examination and a new pair of glasses if you want to help someone in desperate need, and it is far better for building capacity in these communities.

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