Drinks tonight, brunch with the Naked Scientist, the stupid species and more

In this bulletin:

  • Networking with science communicators tonight at the Three Degrees Bar, Melbourne
  • Brunch with the Naked Scientist at the Clare Café, Carlton
  • UN conference – public events, a call for volunteers and information
  • Upcoming media training courses in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Thirty stories for thirty years
  • An online calendar for physics events
  • Register your biodiversity events
  • The Stupid Species: Why everyone (except you) is an idiot
  • Where’s Tim?

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The Stupid Species

Why everyone (except you) is an idiot.

Live show on tour

Daniel Keogh, reporter for ABC’s Hungry Beast and Radio National’s Science Show, is on tour for National Science Week to show why human stupidity is unavoidable.

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