Sceptical farmers adapt; permafrost methane versus cows; Menzies prizes; CSIRO scoops climate research prize

Today’s highlights are

  • As the weather gets weirder, even sceptical farmers are adapting
  • Permafrost versus burping cows – which produces the most methane
  • Loose joints; safe water; the limits of executive power: Robert Menzies’ legacy lives on with scholarships to young leaders in physiotherapy, engineering, and the law in Sydney and Melbourne.

And I think that’s all the science news we have for this week. Next week we’ll be talking supernovae, quantum computers and nanotech in the run up to the national physics congress in Sydney…  [continue reading…]

Even sceptical farmers are adapting as the weather gets weirder

Climate change will affect how we farm, but we’re not at the point of ‘adapt or die’. Right now the meme is ‘adapt and profit’.

Today’s stories from the agriculture and climate change conference range from farmers sharing practical, on-the-ground experiences, to CSIRO’s take on how ready the industry as a whole is looking. Also: a story about changing fisheries and it’s not good news for the Christmas lobster; prizes announced; and methane – agriculture versus permafrost. [continue reading…]