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Overcoming knee pain with the help of a digital twin

Scientists use computer simulations of joint and muscle movements to teach us to exercise smarter

Image: Dr Pizzolato is making digital twins to help improve how people move in real life. Credit: Gold Coast Orthopaedic Research Alliance, Griffith University

Researchers have developed computer simulations of joint and muscle movements that can teach us how to exercise smarter and prevent knee pain and further damage.

One in five Australians over the age of 45 suffer from painful and debilitating osteoarthritis, with the knee being the most commonly affected joint.  

Dr Claudio Pizzolato from Griffith University is making computer avatars or ‘digital twins’ of individual patients to see how their muscles and joints work. [continue reading…]

Millions of people go without simple vision care; The Great Barrier Reef loses half its coral; Fresh Science finals are coming up

A pair of spectacles can cost just $2. An eye test and fitting can take just 30 minutes.

So why are over 700 million people suffering from poor vision?

An international study by the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Australia and South Africa, and Johns Hopkins University in the US reveals that lack of access to basic optometry services is costing US$202 billion each year.

The research is published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation.

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