No plants: no foods, no fuel, no life…

Monday at the Botanic Congress

For humanity, all seven billion of us, plants, algae and fungi are the major source of food, clothing, shelter and medicine.

Our fossil fuels were formed by them. They clean our air and water, store carbon, and protect us from floods and drought. [continue reading…]

What difference is GM making to Australian cotton crops?

IUPAC Symposium 3B – Changing Pesticide use and Risk Scenarios with the Introduction of GM Crops Monday 3:30pm

Gary Fitt, CSIRO Entomology

GM cotton was released in 1996, as part of the fight back against Helicoverpa – arguably the most destructive agricultural pest in the world.  Bollgard II varieties now make up 90% of the Australian cotton industry. What difference have they made?

Gary Fitt from CSIRO Entomology in Queensland will report that farmers have reduced pesticide use by up to 90% providing on-farm benefits and greatly reducing environmental disruption.

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