Botany and religion agree on Latin

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  • No plants…no humanity – call for action
  • And other stories from the XVIII International Botanical Congress

Over 2,000 plant scientists from 73 nations adopted a series of motions at the conclusion of the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne on Saturday, 30 July.

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XVIII International Botanical Congress resolutions


As many as two-thirds of the world’s 350,000 plant species are in danger of extinction in nature during the course of the 21st century. Human beings depend on plants for almost every aspect of life, and our expectations of using them to build more sustainable, healthier, and better lives in the future. [continue reading…]

No plants: no foods, no fuel, no life…

Monday at the Botanic Congress

For humanity, all seven billion of us, plants, algae and fungi are the major source of food, clothing, shelter and medicine.

Our fossil fuels were formed by them. They clean our air and water, store carbon, and protect us from floods and drought. [continue reading…]