Oz research of note, 9 January, 2012

A friendly sugar to fight diabetes; wires just four atoms wide; and debunking the “famous and dead at 27” curse are just some of the interesting stories that emerged from Australian research published in the last week. Find other stories below.

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2011 Fellows announced

Coral, Cancer Capsules & Conservation

Three $20,000 L’Oréal Australia For Women in Science Fellowships for 2011 were awarded to talented Australian women in science on Tuesday, 23 August 2011.

Then on 24 August the three fellows visited the Australian Synchrotron and presented their research to 160 female students in year’s 9-11 for the L’Oréal Australia Girls in Science forum.

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A smarter way to deliver drugs

Georgina Such The University of Melbourne Smart capsules could change the way we deliver drugs. Today, when we’re treated for cancer, the drug spreads throughout the body indiscriminately. Along the way it causes side-effects such as nausea and hair loss. To tackle this problem Georgina imagines a miniscule capsule designed like a set of Russian […]

Prime Minister recognises L’Oréal Fellow

2008 Fellow Amanda Barnard has won the 2009 Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year for her work on modelling and predicting the shape, structure and stability of nanoparticles under different environmental conditions.
The AUD$50,000 prize is one of the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science.

Amanda Barnard hopes to predict which nanoparticles will work most […]