Art meets astrophysics, cocktail chemistry, women’s woo, and wild weather

National Science Week kicks off in Canberra this Saturday – with 75+ events around ACT:

  • Robots, drones, reptiles, performers, expert speakers and food trucks take over The Shine Dome.
  • Sense and sensibility: how pseudoscience helps market wellness woo to women.
  • Physics meets archaeology: how a new chamber was discovered in the Great Pyramid of Khufu.
  • Artists, animators and astronomers present the Universe in four dimensions.
  • Meet the medical inventor behind the cochlear ear and a nutrition scientist using one.
  • Can Canberra adapt to live with drought, wild weather and climate change? Ask an expert panel.
  • A science comedy quiz show that aims to save our species.
  • Art inspired by the rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils of Geoscience Australia.
  • Spot wildlife with your smartphone in the Great Aussie BioQuest.
  • Take the Aha! Challenge and test your brain’s creative insight.

More on these highlights below, and others at www.scienceinpublic.com.au/science-week, and on Twitter at @SciWKMedia.

Scientists, artists, performers and event organisers are available for interview throughout Science Week.

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