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Canberra astronomer becomes first Australian to win major US science award in 133 years: Lisa Kewley has transformed our understanding of the early years of the Universe, the development of galaxies, and what happens when they collide.

One step closer to understanding cancer-fighting immune cells: On the way to personalised treatment of cancers

Whooping cough is fighting back: Researchers discover how whooping cough is evolving, paving the way to a new vaccine.

Is that plant healthy?: A new way to monitor plant health has been developed using the waxy surface of leaves.

Protecting Tiwi wildlife is a hollow argument: Charles Darwin researcher climbs trees to reveal a housing shortage for tree-rats and other endangered animals.

Cheaper, more efficient lithium sulfur battery: Ultra-high capacity Lithium-Sulfur battery outperforms current electric car battery fourfold

Peanut allergy: a pain in the gut: Deakin researcher discovers allergy mechanism.