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Stories for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Giving patients more control of their lives

Dr Suetonia Palmer University of Otago, Christchurch, New Zealand Dr Suetonia Palmer is challenging the status quo for kidney disease treatment and helping millions of people with chronic kidney disease take back control of their lives.

A clean, safe vaccine booster

Most vaccines need a ‘magic’ booster or adjuvant to boost our immune response to the vaccine. But the best adjuvants are too toxic for human use.

Now NZ scientists believe they have created a powerful and safe adjuvant and are trialling it as part of a new cancer vaccine. [continue reading…]

Counting viruses and mustering molecules

How many viruses are there in your blood? How many dangerous nano-particles in your car exhaust?

qViro is a revolutionary New Zealand invention that offers the potential to quickly and cheaply answer these questions. It’s a feature of Ausbiotech – the national biotechnology conference – being held in Melbourne today. [continue reading…]

Put the Lord of the Rings supercomputer on your desktop

From today, thousands of Australian researchers have access to the power of the computing cluster that created the Lord of the Rings and King Kong.

By using a new service called Green Button, professional scientists and students will get instant access on their desktop to a cluster of 3,000 processors based in Wellington, New Zealand, to perform fast genetic analysis. [continue reading…]

New grasses for a new climate?

An Australia-New Zealand biotechnology partnership is creating a new kind of grass that will reduce cattle burps, improve productivity, and help dairy farmers prepare for climate change.

The partnership will be assisted by a NZ$2 million grant announced by New Zealand Economic Development Minister Pete Hodgson last night.

[continue reading…]