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Twenty years ago, Australia hosted the International Congress of Genetics. It marked the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Double Helix, explored the impact of the recently completed human genome project, and discussed how the genetics revolution would transform health, agriculture, food, sport, even the law.

Today, we’re seeing the genetics revolution in action:

  • mRNA is transforming vaccine and drug development,
  • mysterious genetic disorders are being unravelled and even cured,
  • plant and animal breeding is being transformed by CRISPR and other technologies,
  • pests, diseases and biodiversity are being monitored by eDNA,
  • synthetic biology is offering ways of turning agricultural waste into biofuels.

The Congress will be back in Australia, in Melbourne, from 16-21 July 2023.

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About the Conference

The XXIII International Congress of Genetics will be held in Melbourne Australia from 16-21 July 2023. This truly global forum will bring together the international genetics community to share ideas and the latest research under the overarching theme: Genetics & Genomics: Linking Life & Society.

The Congress will cover the breadth of fundamental discoveries in genetics and genomics, the latest advances in technologies, and important and topical applications in areas such as health, agriculture and the conversation of species and the environment.

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Media are welcome; accreditation is now open.
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