Prize winners and particle physics – physics in December 2011

From Marc Duldig, President of the Australian Institute of Physics Welcome to my bulletin covering physics news and events for December 2011 and beyond. This month in Melbourne Geoff Taylor delves into the Large Hadron Collider, in WA the Gingin Observ…

Revealing the dark side – in Tasmania this week

Tamara Davis - 2009 FellowWhat we see in the night sky is only five per cent of the Universe. So what’s the other 95 per cent of the Universe made of – a young physicist has the answers across Tasmania this week.

One of Australia’s leading young physicists will reveal the dark secrets of the Universe in Tasmania this week with a series of school and public talks in Burnie, Launceston, Devonport and Hobart.

Dr Tamara Davis is a L’Oréal Australia Fellow, the 2011 national Women in Physics lecturer, an astrophysicist at the Universities of Queensland and Copenhagen, and good talent. [continue reading…]

Born from astronomy…Creating a future with astronomy

In 1768 the British Admiralty sent Captain James Cook to the Pacific to monitor the transit of the planet Venus across the Sun. On his way home to England, Cook mapped Australia’s east coast, and claimed New South Wales.

For about 40,000 years before that, the indigenous peoples of Australia had been developing remarkably sophisticated explanations of the workings of the Southern Sky. [continue reading…]