Botany and religion agree on Latin

  • What is acacia?
  • No plants…no humanity – call for action
  • And other stories from the XVIII International Botanical Congress

Over 2,000 plant scientists from 73 nations adopted a series of motions at the conclusion of the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne on Saturday, 30 July.

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Feeding the future

The world cannot rely solely on high tech, genetic modification to generate the extra food needed to satisfy a human population projected to peak at about 9.5 billion later this century, according to keynote speakers at the XVIII International Botanical Congress being held in Melbourne this week. [continue reading…]

Species affected by climate change: to shift or not to shift?

Issued by CSIRO Ref 11/78

Relocating species threatened by climate change is a radical and hotly debated strategy for maintaining biodiversity. In a paper published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers from CSIRO, University of Queensland and United States Geological Survey present a pragmatic decision framework for determining when, if ever, to move species in the face of climate change. [continue reading…]