How do we kill rogue cells?

Assassin’s tricks revealed in Nature

A team of Melbourne and London researchers have shown how a protein called perforin punches holes in, and kills, rogue cells in our bodies. Their discovery of the mechanism of this assassin is published today in the science journal Nature.

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Backgrounder: How do we kill rogue cells?

A molecular assassin literally punches its way into rogue cells say a team of Melbourne and London researchers. Their discovery is published today in Nature.

More effective treatments for cancer and viral diseases; better therapy for autoimmune conditions; a deeper understanding of the body’s defences enabling the development of more tightly focused immunosuppressive drugs—these are some of the wide-ranging possibilities arising from research published in the science journal Nature on Monday 31 October by research groups at Monash University and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, and Birkbeck College in London.
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