Tammar wallaby’s clever immune tricks revealed

Two thymus glands fast-track immune defences –

Baby wallaby photos available

Until now, it was a mystery why many marsupials have two thymuses—key organs in the immune system—instead of the one typical of other mammals.

Now postdoctoral researcher Dr Emily Wong from the University of Sydney and her colleagues have found that the two organs are identical, which suggests why they are there.

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Computing with a single electron – background

Background information about the ‘single electron reader’ invention as published in Nature

Australian engineers and physicists have developed a ‘single electron reader’, one of the key building blocks needed to make a quantum computer. Their work was published online by Nature on Monday 27 September.
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2010 award ceremony photos

The three L’Oréal Australia For Women In Science Fellows received their awards on Tuesday night at the Melbourne Museum. Here are some photos from the night. All the images are available for use in the context of the L’Oréal Australia For Women In Science Fellowships and should be credited to SDP Photo. To view the […]